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For I am a Pirate King


Sirius totally knowing Remus’ middle name is John but whenever he breaks out the full name he’ll throw in ridiculous middle names like

"Of COURSE he got a perfect score on the Charms exam, HE’S REMUS THADDEUS LUPIN"


Fuck, Remus Elizabeth Lupin—”

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate the harry potter fandom that always puts this Gif on a post about those involved in the Harry Potter franchise that have died


I just think that’s an incredible thing that has appeared out of the fandom

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harry potter spin-off tv series meme (003/?)

the witches of camden town | no one ever said magic made being a twenty-something any easier. there’s still bills to pay, relationships to fuck up, calls from parents to ignore, the concept of what you’re generally doing with your life to figure out. the residents of 28a hawley crescent know a lot about that last one. for cho (fan), it’s commiting to a relationship after years of running from the pain that she intimately knows comes with it. for lavender (olsen), it’s learning to trust her art rather than the dream of a fairytale prince to pay for wolfsbane every month. for parvati (pinto), it’s finding the courage to quit a soul-destroying ministry job and pursue an impossible dream she’s carried since childhood.

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look at how cute and cuddly tom looks and how badass dan looks i just noPE

Draco was devastated to find himself sorted into Gryffindor house; he felt like he’d let down the family, the legacy. His parents tried to hide their disappointment, but he knew. He could see it in their eyes when they looked at his uniform, hear it in the tightness of their voice when people asked how he was doing at school. Housing with that sort of riffraff, thickheaded glory hounds and children of low breeding? What would become of him in such a place?

It didn’t take long for him to learn that snide remarks about mudbloods, the poor and the unskilled weren’t going to get him far. Such comments and opinions had been the background radiation of his life, and it was hard to unlearn them, but one awkward silence or venomous look at a time, they disappeared from his vocabulary. And then they started to disappear from his thoughts, because Hermione Granger was muggle-born and she was the brightest witch in their year, and Dean Thomas was half-blood and could ride a broom like he’d been born on it.

Things were awkward for other reasons, too. Everybody knew who Draco’s parents were, and while Draco knew they were innocent, the rumours that they’d worked for Voldemort of their own volition just wouldn’t go away. Nobody trusted him at first; he built up somewhat of a mutual animosity with Neville when the boy reacted badly to his presence the first time they met, and it wasn’t until near the end of first year, when they saved each other’s lives, that they gave each other a chance and he learned just why Neville hated anybody even remotely connected with Voldemort. Everybody thought Neville wasn’t brave. Draco knew they were wrong.

Perhaps, if he hadn’t been in Gryffindor, he wouldn’t have seen what a toxic environment his home really was when he went home for the holidays. Perhaps, if he hadn’t been brave and honourable to the point of recklessness, if he hadn’t been the sort to wear his heart proudly on his sleeve and jump to the defense of others, he would have been able to sit quiet and bear it and not start an argument. But he did, and while his parents never barred him from it, home became an unwelcoming place. Draco spent as much time as possible at Hogwarts instead. He met new people, passed the time by reading in the library, and when the school was nearly deserted during holidays, he talked to the portraits and the ghosts; asked them about their lives, their deaths, their opinions.

But Draco came to school the same year as Harry Potter. Harry Potter, the legend to be both admired and feared. he was young, and nobody was certain just how he would turn out. They knew only that, as a mere baby, he had defeated the darkest and strongest wizard of their age. He might be a great protector of the weak, he might be a dictator in his own right; or, possibly, he might be an ordinary person. Nobody knew.

Harry was sorted into Slytherin.

It was no surprise to the Slytherins. He was from a good, strong family; the proof of his blood was in what he’d done as a mere baby. His mother was muggle-born, of course, but nobody could be perfect in every way. Whatever her genes had done to hold him back didn’t show; he was determined, a veritable deity on the quidditch field, and a legend. He made friends easily. How could he not?

Harry wasn’t used to friends. He wasn’t used to the wizarding world, either. He relied on the people closest to him to explain it to him, and they did; the common room was frequently alive with political discussion as well as people trading homework help for tips on how to get the best out of certain teachers or which secret rooms were the best for hiding things you didn’t want Filch to know about. He became even more of a celebrity at the revelation that he could speak Parseltongue, which took place when playing with a friend’s pet snake midway through first year, although it was generally agreed among the group that that information should stay secret. Everyone respected Harry for his past; no need to add any potentially incriminating information.

When he came home one day with a moving map of Hogwarts that not only showed where everybody was but outlined all the school’s secret passages… well, at that point, it started to become obvious to even the most stubborn Slytherin that Harry had a special destiny. People mobbed to him. The Dark Lord had been overreaching and insane, using threats and violence; a danger to his own followers. It was only right that the universe would send another, a proper, sensible revolutionary; he had deposed his predecessor as a mere infant, he spoke the language of Salazar Slytherin… what more proof did anybody need? Harry Potter would lead them in their revolution, he would create for them a brighter future where the strong ruled on their merits and muggles did not hamper and smother them by their mere existence. Harry Potter would be the Dark Lord that the world truly needed. Who would be able to stop them?

One boy, thrown among the people he’d always been taught were inferior, brave enough to abandon his preconceptions and stand up for the truth, to protect and love and fight for what was right even if it cost him everything. Another, his roots torn from him as an infant, only to return with the kiss of destiny on his forehead and a band of loyal revolutionaries at his back. It is inevitable that they will, someday, face each other. And when they do, the fate of the world will hinge upon it.

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"And above all, pity those who live without love."

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harry potter literally ruined my life in the best possible way

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Harry Potter Q&A: Reblog with your own answers

Your house: Ravenclaw
Your favourite character from the trio:
Three other favourite characters: Ron, Luna, Hagrid
Least favourite character: Umbridge
Favorite book: Order of the Phoenix
One favourite moment: When the Weasly twins fly through the school setting off fireworks and basically EVERYTHING that the people of hogwarts did to annoy Umbridge…
How you were introduced to the series:  I’m pretty sure my dad read me the first book when it was very newly come out as a bedtime story. I read the others in short order, and remember being excited for the 4th book, so I’m pretty sure I was ridiculously young
What would your favorite lesson be?: Charms
Which hallow would you take?: The Cloak
Which character are you most like?: I’ve been told that my loyalty is insane, so Ron
Three spells you’d like to be able to perform: Silencio, Accio, Lumos
Would you have entered your name in the Goblet of Fire?: Nope. I like being in the sidelines of great events.
Would you have played Quidditch?: If I wasn’t ill, probably. As I am now, nope.
What form would your Patronus take?: Some kind of Dog IDK.            
What would be your profession in the wizarding world?: Some kind of innovator but there doesn’t seem to be much of that around…

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Richard St John Harris (1 October 1930 – 25 October 2002)- Albus Dumbledore 1

Robert Arthur “Rob” Knox (21 August 1989 – 24 May 2008)- Marcus Belby

Elizabeth Spriggs (18 September 1929 – 2 July 2008) - The Fat Lady

Timothy Dingwall Bateson (3 April 1926 – 16 September 2009)- voiced Kreacher

Edward Charles James Gardner, DFM (24 August 1924 – 3 May 2010)- Knight Bus driver Ernie Prang

Alfred Burke (28 February 1918 – 16 February 2011)- Armando Dippet

Sheila Allen (22 October 1932 - 13 October 2011)- Ministry Witch in Goblet of Fire

Eric Sykes CBE (4 May 1923 – 4 July 2012)- Frank Bryce in Goblet of Fire

Richard Griffiths, OBE (31 July 1947 – 28 March 2013)-  Uncle Vernon

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My life.


i cannot.





Okay, I’m having a moment. Let me have a minute to get over this video. Shit I mean … This nearly killed me. I often type into my tags that I’m crying but this time I really mean it. Hp has been over for a year now and I still think that it’s the best damn thing that ever happened to me. And it will never truly end for me. Because I’m sitting here crying over these characters, over this fantastic series which gave me so much. Harry Potter was the first book I’ve ever read and it changed me. I guess I’ll never find the right words to explain my love for these books and movies … But I just wanna say one thing: Joanne K. Rowling … THANK YOU SO, I OWE YOU SO MUCH. Just thank you FOR MAKING MY CHILDHOOD A BETTER AND MAGICAL TIME.


Really though. Wow.

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i wonder what’s happening right now over at hogwarts

probably education since harry doesn’t go there anymore

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Lucius Malfoy on AVPS is basically Luna’s father in Harry Potter.

image vsimage

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Harry Potter wizarding genetics decoded

If the wizarding gene is dominant, as J.K. Rowling says in her famous series of Harry Potter books, then how can a wizard be born to muggle parents (non-magical people)? And how can there be squibs (non-magical people born into wizarding lines)?

It seems these baffling genetic questions have finally been answered, thanks to Andrea Klenotiz, a biology student at the University of Delaware.

In a six-page paper, which she sent to Rowling, Klenotiz outlines how the wizarding gene works and even explains why some witches and wizards are more powerful than others.

“Magical ability could be explained by a single autosomal dominant gene if it is caused by an expansion of trinucleotide repeats with non-Mendelian ratios of inheritance,” Klenotiz explains.

What does this mean?

In school we learn the fundamentals of genetics by studying Gregory Mendel’s pea plant experiments and completing basic Punnett squares. Basically, we’re taught that whenever one copy of a gene linked to a dominant trait is present, then the offspring will exhibit that dominant trait, regardless of the other gene.

However, Non-Mendelian genes don’t follow this rule, which is the basis of Klenotiz’s argument. She says that the wizarding gene could be explained if it’s caused by a trinucleotide repeat, which is the repetition of three nucleotides — the building blocks of DNA — multiple times.

These repeats can be found in normal genes, but sometimes many more copies of this repeated code can appear in genes than is standard, causing a mutation. This kind of mutation is responsible for genetic diseases like Huntington’s Disease. Depending upon how many of these repeats occur in the genes, a person could exhibit no symptoms, could have a mild form of the disease or could have a severe form of it.

In her paper, Klenotiz argues that eggs with high levels of these repeats are more likely to be fertilized, a phenomenon known as transmission ratio distortion. She also suggests that the egg or sperm with high levels of repeats is less likely to be created or to survive in the wizarding womb.

This argument answers several questions about wizarding genetics:

How can a wizard be born to muggle parents?

Genetic mutations can randomly appear, meaning anyone could be born with the wizarding gene. However, there’s a better chance of magical offspring occurring if the parents are on the high side of the normal range for mutations.

How can a squib be born to wizard parents?

Although parents with these mutated magical genes would be likely to pass the gene on to their children, there’s still a possibility that any given offspring might not inherit the trinucleotide repeat.

How can varying degrees of magical ability be explained?

The more repeats a wizard inherits, the stronger the magical power he or she will have. If both wizarding parents are powerful wizards, it’s likely their offspring will also be powerful.

You can read Klenotiz’s full paper on wizarding genetics here.

Far and away one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever read. Love it.


Looks like he’s got our back.

This person is my new hero

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02. Four years after The Battle of Hogwarts, Molly Weasley was busy preparing The Burrow for Ron’s birthday meal. She was bustling about the kitchen and barking orders at everyone. ‘Get the chicken out of the oven for me, Fred!’ Molly, mistakenly, barked at George. Molly then broke down. She began to cry and apologise profusely to George and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug. All George said, in a soft tone was, ‘honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother?’















am I the only one who said that line with a british accent…

Of course not.



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Arthur may have inadvertently joined the Harry Potter fandom. 


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