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I'm Char and I'm from England where the BBC comes from. I'm currently doing Stage Management in Cardiff. Enjoy my blog, leave your sanity at the door please, we don't want it.
I ship everything. EVERYTHING. Even contradictory ships. Even threesomes and more. In fact, especially threesomes and more.. ORGYYYYY!

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For I am a Pirate King

Reasons why Sifu Kisu is a perfect human being, part 5

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Fixed it :D

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Introducing the comic that does not yet have a name…. 

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Someone in our fandom needs our help!

Please go and drop a kind word in her ask-box.

I know I am.

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Sitting in my local Internet café, ready to watch the livestream of Legend of Korra. I hope my dash is ready for my Korra commentary spam.

Where are all you guys watching Korra?

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There are actual tears in my eyes right now.

I have just had the most amazing week. I have a load of new followers. Korra is today. I wrote a Fanfiction which someone drew art for (a secret bucket list item of mine). Howrra is the best thing in the world. Pottermore. Korra is today. I have had the best time on the TinyChat. Korra is today. I saw Warhorse at the theatre yesterday as part of my birthday present and it was just the best thing ever. Korra is today. I just…. this is all too much… I love you guys…. 


*fangirl flailing*

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AVATAR FANDOM FAQ: What is this Howrra thing that I keep seeing?

Howrra is the name of a ship (or relationship) between Howl and Korra.

This leads me on to the second part of the question: Who the eff is Howl? And does he have a moving castle?

No, he does not have a moving castle (unless you’re talking about the Dianna Wynne-Jones/Studio Ghibli Howl, because he does

Howl stands for Hot Order of the White Lotus guard, and he was seen for about ten frames in episode one.

The idea was first explored by lunadonna (as explained in this post) and was expanded by masterarrowhead with a series of drawings (1 2) in tinychat, appingo, urban-amore and others*

Much fanart and fanfiction ensued

There was a ship war, but it was silly because we are a silly ship.

There were some entertaining responses to the whole thing most notably here and here and here and here

There is another explanation from appingo here.

And, of course, there is an Ask Howl tumblr, run by the lovely appingo herself.

Of course, for the full story, I would like to direct you to the Howrra Tag


*please tell me if you were in that tinychat, as I wasn’t so don’t know…

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and you will quietly die inside when you see the fandom explode every time a new episode airs

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PLease can someone linky meeee?

LOVE FOREVER (not on my computer, or I’d give you the GIF OF LOVE)

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Mako rap video… CANNOT FIND!!

Seriously guys, I don’t have it and I need it… The internet was not my friend today…

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A countdown to April the 21st...

11am EST… Episode 3 of Korra will be released on the tv…


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Just made myself some jasmine tea

And I have a whole new appreciation for the term ‘hot leaf juice’

my face:

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For those of you who need something to watch when we cause Tumblr to crash from fangirling…

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So you can get Korra on iTunes in the USA..

but not in the UK.

If someone figures out how to make it work for us poor UKers (or just people not in the US) we will be eternally grateful.

Possibly gifting the episodes, or someone re-uploading the (presumably) HD version to somewhere else…

the link to the iTunes is here


And Ask me if you think you can gift it and I can give you my apple ID

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