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John definitely noticed Sherlock’s bum.

You can see the exact moment, when he started to question his life choices.

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I want to believe. I want to believe so badly. I don't know if I've ever wanted anything more. But I know. I know deep down that the reality is, its not going to happen. It is the least likely thing to ever happen on this show. And Its going to be utterly devastating when its confirmed its not happening by the show itself. Even worse is that people won't care. Everyone will just lie down and take the queerbaiting up the ass with no resistance. And all this just hurts. We really are deluded :(

— Anonymous


Alright, folks. I’ve written some angsty as hell metas tonight, and I’m seeing a LOT of messages like this in my inbox. It’s time to take a moment for some positivity.

The world sucks sometimes. Shitty things happen. I’m not saying I don’t get angry – I do. But generally speaking, I’m a positive person. I believe the world not only can get better, but will. I have to. I refuse to live my life in misery because of bigots and misogynists and racists and homophobes. I’m a goddamn ray of sunshine most of the time, I really am.

This isn’t my first fandom, but it’s the first time I’ve really gotten *involved.* And it’s not because of my obsession with this show. It’s because I truly do believe something bigger and more important is happening.

Can I guarantee the creators on this show are not engaging in the most epic queerbaiting of all time? No, I cannot guarantee that. But I don’t believe it at all, based on evidence I’ve discussed here and here and here and here.

Here’s the thing. I have to believe this will happen. I just do. It took me a long time to come around to the idea – like you, I saw all the signs in seasons one and two, but never EVER thought it could become reality. Season three changed everything. 

Deluded? Nah. The ones who believe what they’re told and not what they’re shown, they’re deluded. And the writers, if they really are playing bait the queers, they’re deluded too. Why? Because there’s no way to end this show now without acknowledging Johnlock.

Not unless they want to completely and utterly destroy the characterization they’ve developed. And I’m talking the type of destruction that even the most homophobic of viewers would notice. Whether you analyze a story or just passively watch, the number one reason for disengaging is false characterization. Characters drive stories; they must ring true, they must be real. When they aren’t, regardless of whether you’re aware of it, that is why you lose interest in their tale.

Take this Anon ask:

Okay honestly, what do you think the chances are that Sherlock and John will both get heteronormative endings? I think the chance that John will get one is almost assured. but Sherlock…I think its likely he’ll be alone but he’ll have his heterosexuality confirmed somewhere along the way.

Sherlock’s heterosexuality confirmed? How can they possibly confirm something they’ve already confirmed doesn’t exist?

  • He turned down Irene’s constant advances, despite being fascinated with her (oh yes, he was, just not sexually/romantically), despite her cleverness, despite her attractiveness. She was The Woman, and he declined. Our parting image of the two of them was him swinging a sword at her and deliberately missing – take that subtext as you will.
  • His relationship with Molly moves from disdain and borderline cruelty to trust and respect. While he knows about her feelings for him and has for a long time, he never once makes a move, as his feelings are clearly platonic. He even asks her to solve crimes with him when he thinks he’s lost John, a metaphorical “dating” comparison, and it doesn’t work for either of them.
  • He genuinely befriends Janine and yet, in the wake of his painful revelation at John’s wedding, proceeds to treat her perhaps more callously than he has ever treated a woman. They “date” for a month and he even proposes, all to break into an office…and in all that time, despite the risk of blowing his cover, despite her practically living with him and sleeping in his bed and clearly desiring sex, Sherlock makes excuses not to sleep with her.
  • The writers made us endure an incredibly long sequence consisting of Sherlock pointing to various women in a courtroom and saying not you, not you, not you, not you…and later, after he shouts one last agitated NOT YOU!, what does he say?


It’s always you.

John Watson, you keep me right.

The writers are talking to us. Not in the interviews. In the show.

So I’ll say it again. They will never “confirm” Sherlock’s heterosexuality, because they have already gone out of their way to confirm said heterosexuality does not exist.

As for John’s, this is where the lovely concept of sexual fluidity comes into play. The writers of this show are not afraid of this concept, remember. They blatantly introduced it with Irene. She identifies as gay, yet mentions several times that she sleeps with men, and she develops feelings for Sherlock. She blatantly throws this in John’s face in an attempt to make him see he is the same.

Despite the fact that he seems to identify as straight (although to be fair, he never outright confirms this, it’s always not gay, which is not the same as straight), Irene is telling John that he, too, is Sherlocked. This is not subtext, this is not metaphor. This is actual dialogue about the very real, very important idea of sexual fluidity purposefully written by the writers

Writers do not introduce these concepts to characters only to fail on providing a payoff. John never revisits his conversation with Irene, never mentions it to Sherlock. Therefore, he will revisit idea in upcoming seasons. This is Storytelling 101.

John Watson married a woman in season three. After the wedding, we never see a single moment between John and his wife that is purely happy, free of lies, masks, deceit, hurt, anger. Not one moment. He literally, without exaggeration, knows nothing about her past, not even her name. She shoots Sherlock and afterwards tells John if he finds out about her past, that is what will make him stop loving her – as if attempting to kill his best friend wasn’t enough. Their eventual reconciliation is laced with tension and tight, controlled smiles.

And yet.

This is John’s happy, hetero-ending? Really? Someone show me the happy, please. I’m not seeing it. I’m not even seeing the potential for happy.

Because this is the heteronormative lens at work. It’s not just about ignoring or dismissing homoerotic subtext and the blatant attraction between two characters of the same sex. It’s also about convincing yourself two characters of the opposite sex are in love despite all evidence to the contrary.

But they’ll never have the guts to “go there!” The ratings! The negative reaction! The Johnlock fandom is in the minority!

Yes, good, let’s talk about those ratings and that reaction. First of all, I believe they’re building towards a Johnlock ending, so viewers are going to stick it out no matter what they think of the relationship. Those of us who see the relationship for what it is will watch to the end. Those who choose to ignore the signs and believe the interviews will watch too. The ratings for the final episode will be off the charts no matter what. But let’s look at the two options and consider what they mean for ratings and popularity:

Hereronormative ending: Characterization is destroyed. Reviews are lukewarm because viewers disconnected with the unrealistic characters. The show ends having attempted (and failed) to tell yet another “bromance” Holmes/Watson tale, the end of a long, long line of similar tales.

Johnlock ending: The most oft-portrayed literary character in film and television history and his equally famous sidekick, performed by two of the most famous and beloved actors of our time, shock the world by going where no previous version dared, assuring the show and its creators landmark status in the history of an enormous franchise.

If you were in charge of this program, which would you choose?

All of this is why I believe Johnlock will happen. I have to. I refuse to concede to that lens; I refuse to not watch this show for what it is.

If you can’t believe, I understand. Because if the writers don’t deliver, yeah, it’ll be painful. But considering the love, attention to detail, and absolute passion they put into it, I can’t believe it all just comes down to petty queerbaiting – all for us, a minority audience. 

Regardless of how you feel, if you ever need a Johnlock pick-me-up to restore a little faith…that’s what this blog is for.

<3 DBS

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are we just ignoring John Watson’s really tight shirt?


because hot damn


and obviously we know why


because he learned from this fucker 


its even weirder because it looks like the same fucking shirt


come to mama

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The best (and most romantic) way of describing Johnlock. From my 86 year old Grandpa

  • Grandpa: You know, I think Sherlock and John might end up together.
  • Gramma: You think they're homosexual?
  • Grandpa: Not really.
  • Gramma: So what do you mean you think they'll end up together?
  • Grandpa: (frustrated) I think that they're perfect for each other! I mean, just look at them together!
  • Gramma: (raises an eyebrow)
  • Grandpa: Stop with the homosexual! They should be with each other because they GO together! They make each other happy! Isn't that what being in a good relationship's about?
  • Grandpa: Saying someone's homosexual is like saying I love blonds.
  • Gramma: You do like blonds dear.
  • Grandpa: But you're not blond.
  • Gramma: No... I'm not.
  • Grandpa: You never have been! I feel in love with you with brown hair and stayed in love when you turned grey. I love you for you. Grey or brunette, young or old. Just like John and Sherlock.
  • Gramma: (smiling)
  • Grandpa: John may like women like I like blonds, but that doesn't mean he's going to ignore someone perfect for him just because it's not a woman. And Sherlock clearly loves him.
  • Gramma: I thought you said he's not interested in any of that.
  • Grandpa: Maybe not in other people. But look how he looks at John! He looks at him like I looked at you on our wedding day. It's love. Not something so trivial as whether he's a man or woman.
  • Grandpa: (out of breath)
  • Gramma: I knew I married you for a reason.
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In which we see that sherlock practically considered John and himself to be married

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#jawn how dare you order me around like that #actually wait no #i like it #i’ll play nurse for you #this involves costumes right #because you’re really gonna love my slutty nurse outfit #just sayin’

How did the supernatural fandom ALREADY get here?

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So for some reason not many people know about flagfic which lets you download the e-book of any fanfiction from loads of websites including and AO3 (there is a full list on their site)

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Ok so from what I remember about this fic it was kinda Johnlock but also John/Other (I thought it was Mary but I could be wrong as all the John/Mary fics I’ve found aren’t the one)

John and Sherlock and the woman are in a relationship but Sherlock just likes to watch or be a very passive participant in the sexual relationship.

I remember one scene where John and the woman make Sherlock have an orgasm as a kind of test/experiment thing but he says after that he doesn’t like it so they go back to the way they were.

Basically it was rather excellent and now I can’t find it. I’m fairly sure it was on AO3 but I could be wrong. Anyone know of it?

OMG LITERALLY 5 MINUTES AFTER POSTING THIS I FOUND IT! If anyone’s interested it’s Indecorus by Basingstoke on AO3 and I highly recommend it

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the thing about multishipping is that you’re scrolling your dash and one post you’re crying and the next you’re laughing and everything just hurts all the time because your ships are canon except for the ones that aren’t

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A Cure For Boredom: (Sherlock/John)


Title: A Cure For Boredom

Author: emmagrant01

Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms

Pairing(s): Sherlock/John, John/Others

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Voyeurism, double penetration, light dom/sub, threesome- M/M/F, F/F/M, sex clubs , rimming, Bottom!Top!Sherlock, Bottom!Top!John

Length: ~81,700 words

Summary: They’d never talked about sex in the year they’d known each other. Well, that wasn’t quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.

Comments:  I spent like two days trying to go through this fic and all I can say is unf.  I usually avoid anything that could be thought of as PWP but this is just gorgeous   The way the author builds up the relationship between John and Sherlock is just awesome.  John identifies as a straight man at the beginning of this fic and one of the things that really appealed to me was how he progresses through the different things that he does, how his sexuality morphs.  This is seriously a wonderful fic to read if you adore porn with a ton of meaning hidden around the corner.  Please enjoy this awesome fic.

This is a rec that I can firmly get behind. Seriously hot in all the ways

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Right so about 6 months ago I read a fic which had John and a girl (possibly Sarah) and they’re really happy and Sherlock is involved too but doesn’t like sex or orgasming and so he just watches but he’s still in the relationship, it’s still all 3 of them, it’s just Sherlock doesn’t like orgasming. It was awesome, and I will write hot Johnlock smut for anyone who finds it for me.

The same goes for another fic where John and Sherlock are not in a relationship but Sherlock keeps buying sexual partners for John as part of an experimental study (I think it starts by Sherlock studying the type of Porn John likes) and there was this especially cute couple who had sex with John once and it was adorable, and there was another time when John had to seduce a load of men as part of a challenge, and then I can’t even remember if John and Sherlock get together in the end but I need it back please.

They were both on AO3 but I have just spent so long trying to find them and I can’t and now I’m sad

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I’m listening to the merthur playlist of brolininthetardis and then I just hear “You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness” and then I realise that single line pretty much describes my whole time on tumblr and shipping

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I love their banter.


Wow, this applies to all my otps.

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