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I'm Char and I'm from England where the BBC comes from. I'm currently doing Stage Management in Cardiff. Enjoy my blog, leave your sanity at the door please, we don't want it.
I ship everything. EVERYTHING. Even contradictory ships. Even threesomes and more. In fact, especially threesomes and more.. ORGYYYYY!

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For I am a Pirate King




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To mushroomtale for being a top fan 

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Wow I’m not okay. 

Fuck fuck fuck I just cannot deal with LITTLE BABY ARTHUR PENDRAGON, who had daddy issues and no mother and was owl-eyed with tears when his sister betrayed him and had an uncle who betrayed him and spent almost his entire life thinking he wasn’t good enough, that he didn’t deserve to be king, who was naturally open-minded but who was told not to be by his father and by his elders, and was told what is good and what is bad but had the decency to question it, who always second guessed himself but knew what was truly right, who constantly put his life on the line for the sake of nobility, who loved and felt so fiercely even when his father told him that emotions were a weakness, and who despite all that was a king who loved two SERVANTS above EVERYONE ELSE, who was really just a little boy trying to do good, who became a man and united a kingdom, and how that LITTLE BABY BLUE EYES WITH ALL THOSE INSECURITIES AND A FULL HEART IS DEAD. 


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Watch it!!! You won’t regret it!!
I lie through my teeth. You will. When you’re crying on your bedroom floor rocking back and forth and clutching yourself you will regret ever watching anything I ever recommend to you (via captainarlert)
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↳ ‘The Beginning of the End ’ 8/65

#If you say this does not look like they’re talking about their relationship #and why they shouldn’t be together #but they’re going to do it anyway  #then you’re lying

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my fandom doesn’t need context

#no my fandom just needs lube (rou)

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I hope all the creators that don’t like fanfiction appreciate that I did not love their characters until I read a thousand fanfictions about them

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that I live on Merthyr Street now



nobody I know believes that I bought it because I liked the house

they are (partially) right

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Three cheer for the Merlin fandom for not dying.


Thats because we’re immortal

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remember when merlin had a dad

man that was a neat minute and twenty seconds

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Ok but real talk where is the Merthur Queer as Folk AU like this shit writes itself the whole show is basically a gay fanfiction anyway I need about 100 Queer as Folk AUs dos anyone know where I can find them?

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"Be it life or death, it ends here."

Thinking about the quote suddenly made me realise because at Camlann, life ended for Arthur … and death ended for Merlin

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Because of this

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URL Graphics - beenwandering

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